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Aimed at filling a market void in integrated building services and products.
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Small jobs can lead to bigger problems as they move your focus, time and money away from your core priorities. These are often opportunities to outsource while saving money and getting back to what matters most.

A Better Way

Our flexibility and continuous development of new choices means that no job is too small or too special. We are not tied to any particular suppliers which allows S&K to find the best solutions for your problems wherever they may come from.

Save Money
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By offering layered products and services within your facility, we reduce logistics costs which you see in the form of savings. Each different product or service you engage us with means the less you will pay.

Our Partners
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Our network of delivered products and services is varied and diverse to cover a multitude of the need s


Service Systems

Supply Chains

Delivery Networks

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General Cleaning

We craft plans to keep your facility running at 100 percent. All facets of facility cleaning and maintenance are always incorporated.

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Specialty Services

S&K has a suite of Specialty Services that include precision stone refinishing, metal restoration, pest control, and more.

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Facility Operations Services

We also offer Management Consulting, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Licensed Security Services amongst our services.

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Michelle Rodriguez

Chief Operating Officer

“Great support and speedy response time. S&K meets every of our needs.”

Covid Resources

Helping to make and keep your facility and employees safe

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